The Road to the Mazda 100th Anniversary

July 27th, 2020 by

Milestones of every size are worth celebrating, especially for a business.

And January 30, 2020, marked a special occasion for Mazda — its 100th anniversary.

Celebrating 100 years in business is a tremendous success for business owners, employees, and consumers alike.

The Mazda headquarters, located in Hiroshima, Japan, acted as a venue for a special employee event to commemorate the monumental anniversary.

Executives, representatives of the workers’ union, and employees were in attendance showing their support for the automotive manufacturer.

The brand had planned to celebrate throughout the year, including themed exhibits at the Geneva International Motor Show. But the automotive show was canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic.

An open house event had been scheduled for the Mazda headquarters in May 2020, but it is currently postponed until at least the fall, or perhaps even next year.

The event is anticipated to be open to the public through social media streaming. This innovative method not only brings us closer together but is a terrific way to show customer appreciation.

And to continue celebrating 100 years of business, Mazda is scheduled to release special edition models around the globe beginning in Japan.

closeup picture of a commemorative 100th anniversary badge on a white special edition 2020 Mazda Miata MX-5

The 100th Anniversary Special Editions are anticipated to be available for all major models in the Mazda lineup, allowing customers to choose their perfect vehicle.

What better way to commemorate the occasion and show your dedication to the brand than with a special edition vehicle?

We wait with bated breath as much of the details have been kept under wraps. But we are certain that the models will be stunning and worth the wait.

How Mazda Began

The history of Mazda is one that you likely wouldn’t expect.

After becoming established in 1920 quite a bit has changed, including the company name and product.

Originally named Jujiro Matsuda, the company founded Toyo Cork Industries.

The automotive company we know today got its start as a company producing cork before shifting gears to manufacturing automobiles.

“Now, our cars have found friends with many customers from over 130 countries and regions,” Mazda President and CEO Akira Marumoto stated in a press release.

It was almost a decade before the company changed gears from producing corks to manufacturing automobiles.

Prior to WWII, Mazda had manufactured a variety of three-wheeled vehicles including the Mazda-Go. To contribute and help with wartime efforts, the company began manufacturing weapons until Hiroshima suffered from the effects of an atomic bomb.

It wasn’t until the 1950s through the 1960s that Mazda began making four-wheel trucks and passenger cars like the R360.

The American market was introduced to the automotive manufacturer in 1970 with its popular rotary-powered, RX-7. Eventually, this led to the 1989 launch of the MX-5, a signature car for Mazda.

In 1974 the Hiroshima-based company built a partnership with Ford. The partnership eventually started to fall apart after the financial crisis of 2008. In 2015, the relationship ultimately ended.

The partnership with Ford dissolving proved to be a minor blemish for Mazda. The manufacturer has struck a chord in the American market giving drivers the technology and sleek designs they desire.

Find the Mazda for You

The Mazda lineup is strategically priced, offering a variety of models with SKYACTIV performance technology and superior handling has made the marque a force to be reckoned with.

The challenges and changes throughout the company’s history makes the Mazda 100th anniversary something to celebrate throughout the year.

Our staff is looking forward to watching the company adapt to the global challenges amidst the COVID-19 pandemic and finding ways to celebrate its anniversary.

If you’re ready to discover what the new Mazda lineup has to offer, contact West Herr Mazda of Canandaigua today. Our staff will be happy to answer your questions and help you find the perfect vehicle.

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