How to Change the Battery in a Mazda Key Fob

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Mazda is known for outfitting its fuel-efficient vehicles with cutting edge technology to keep drivers safe, comfortable, and entertained on every journey. And the accessories from Mazda are no exception.

The latest models from the Japanese automotive manufacturer can be accessed by the theft-deterrent Keyless Entry System, allowing drivers to remotely unlock and start the vehicle with the press of a button.

But what happens should the battery in the fob stop working?

For those wondering how to replace the battery in a Mazda key fob, while the process appears quite simple, it’s best to have a certified serviceman at an authorized Mazda dealership do the job.

An experienced Mazda technician has the ability to change out the battery without damaging the internal circuitry of the fob, ensuring the Keyless Entry System continues to operate like new.

Mazda vehicle owners who are willing to learn how to change a Mazda key battery themselves must be sure to follow the guidelines carefully and should understand the risk of potentially damaging the internal system.

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Step 1: Collect the Necessary Tools

Replacing the battery in a Mazda key fob requires the following tools:

  • Compatible Replacement Battery: The type of battery needed depends on the model of the car. Most of the current Mazda vehicles take a CR2023 three-volt lithium coin battery, the same kind used to power small electronics like watches. Confirm the battery is compatible by referring to the code engraved on the existing battery, as the new battery will need to be the same type.
  • Miniature Flathead Screwdriver: Considering the size of the Mazda key fob, the smaller the screwdriver, the better. Untrained individuals should also wrap the head of the screwdriver in tape to keep it from scratching the components inside of the fob.

With the required equipment on-hand, you’re ready to move on to the next step.

Step 2: Open the Key Fob

To open a Mazda key fob, insert the tape-covered flathead screwdriver into the openings found on each side of the fob.

Then, gently coax the screwdriver further into the opening notches to loosen the top of the fob.

Once the gap between the top and bottom has widened, choose a side to insert the tip of the tape-protected screwdriver into and slowly slide the screwdriver down to the end until the cover pops off or falls open.

Try to not force the top off by jamming the screwdriver into the opening notches and pushing it upward. Doing this could potentially break the cover.

If you’re nervous about breaking the fob, it might be a good idea to bring it to a service center at an official Mazda dealership to receive the proper care it needs.

The certified servicemen at West Herr Mazda of Canandaigua can repair and maintain any Mazda vehicle, part, or accessory — giving you peace of mind that your Mazda vehicle is in good hands.

Step 3: Switch Out the Battery

Inside of the fob there should be a black, rubber battery cap covering the actual coin-shaped battery surrounded by a rubber ring.

Remove the battery and the rubber accessories from the fob but take particular care to not lose the rubber ring as it helps keep the battery from getting scratched.

But in the event that any components of a Mazda key fob are lost or damaged during the battery replacement process, new pieces can be ordered through the service center of an authorized Mazda dealership.

After the new battery has been fitted with the rubber ring, it can be placed inside of the fob.

Be sure the positive side of the new battery is facing out before putting the battery cap and fob cover back on.

The fob cover should snap right into place. It’s important that you hear a snapping sound as this indicates the cover is securely fastened.

Lastly, test the fob. If it still isn’t working, have the fob looked at by a Mazda technician to determine what could be causing it to malfunction.

Get Your Vehicle Serviced at West Herr Mazda of Canandaigua

Whether you’re looking to replace the battery in your Mazda key fob or need to have the vehicle serviced, the technicians at West Herr Mazda of Canandaigua can help.

No matter the issue, our technicians aim to ensure the job is completed using original equipment manufacturer (OEM) Mazda parts.

The combination of proper training and OEM parts helps to keep your Mazda running like new.

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