What Is Mazda Skyactiv® Technology?

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Mazda seeks to redefine the model lineup each year, and thanks to the Mazda Skyactiv® Technology, consumers will have even more reasons to drive a Mazda vehicle.

Skyactiv® is the general name given to the technological advancements created by Mazda as part of the “Sustainable Zoom-Zoom” policy. This policy aims to ensure every vehicle the Japanese automotive manufacturer produces is safe, easy to drive, and environmentally conscious.

Launched in 2012 by former Mazda president and chief executive officer (CEO) Takashi Yamanouchi, the concept behind the Skyactiv® developments was inspired by corporate headquarters in Hiroshima.

The courageous spirit and grit of the manufacturers and innovators found in the Hiroshima office inspired the company to create a series of technologies that aimed to revolutionize the automobile industry.

Since then, Mazda Skyactiv® Technology — also known as the Skyactiv® Vehicle Dynamics, can be found in multiple components of the model lineup. Featured parts include:

  • Skyactiv® Engines
  • Skyactiv® Transmissions
  • Skyactiv® Body
  • Skyactiv® Chassis

Now approaching a decade since the first car that included Mazda Skyactiv® Technology — the 2013 Mazda3 Skyactiv®-Hybrid, was released, consumers can see how this series of innovations continues to change the way we think about vehicles.

Skyactiv® Vehicle Dynamics: Improving the Base Technologies

The advancements outfitting each Skyactiv® Vehicle Dynamics component allows Mazda to outperform the competition in fuel-efficiency, power, speed, style, and maneuvering.

Mazda Skyactiv® Technology components, including black engine, silver transmission, red car body, and black chassis

Skyactiv® Engines: Performance & Efficiency

Compared to a conventional engine, Mazda Skyactiv® engines are at least 15% more fuel-efficient and powerful.

This is because Mazda Skyactiv® engines are designed to compress air and fuel mixtures at near-perfect intervals thanks to the 14:1 compression ratio — which is as close to the ideal 15:1 ratio as a car engine can currently achieve.

The compression ratio refers to how well the cylinders’ volume and the internal combustion chamber within the engine work together at the maximum and minimum values.

With the impressive compression ratio of Skyactiv® engines squeezing energy from every drop of fuel, consumers can spend more time on the road and worry less about finding the next gas station.

Mazda Skyactiv® engines also receive fuel by way of an advanced direct-injection system. This means gasoline is pumped into the combustion chamber so fuel burns more efficiently and emits less carbon dioxide.

As of 2021, Mazda has released two different Skyactiv® engines in the United States:

  • Skyactiv®-G Gasoline: Initially introduced in 2013, the Skyactiv®-G engine was featured in that year’s Mazda6 model. The engine became known as the first mass-produced engine to achieve an almost ideal compression ratio. In 2016, the Skyactiv®-G 2.5 Dynamic Pressure Turbo Engine came out. It can be most recently found in multiple vehicles within the 2021 lineup, including the 2021 Mazda3 sedan and the hatchback.
  • Skyactiv®-D Diesel: The Skyactiv®-D is a turbocharged diesel fuel engine that first became available in the U.S. in the 2016 CX-5 model. Designed to be even more environmentally conscious, the Skyactiv®-D engine has an increased fuel efficiency of 20% — producing less CO2 emissions than the Skyactiv®-G.

Skyactiv®-X — the latest engine in the series, has yet to be released in the U.S., but it is projected to make its debut for consumers in the U.S. by 2023 in a new generation of the MX-30 EV.

Running on petroleum gasoline like the Skyactiv®-G, the Skyactiv®-X promises an increased torque or power and fuel efficiency of up to 30%, beating out both of its predecessors.

The Skyactiv®-X can also be powered by electricity, making it the most green Skyactiv® engine to date.

Considering all of the features this engine promises, once it comes to the U.S. market, the Skyactiv®-X is sure to impress consumers and competitors alike.

Skyactiv® Transmission Systems: Enhanced Responsiveness & Power

Responsible for distributing the appropriate amount of power to the wheels to achieve certain speeds, the transmission system is one of the most important mechanisms of a vehicle.

And knowing consumers enjoy options, Mazda has designed an automatic and manual Skyactiv® transmission system to satisfy both preferences — the Skyactiv®-Drive and Skyactiv®-MT.

The Skyactiv®-Drive is an automatic transmission (AT) system that combines the benefits of continuously variable transmissions (CVTs), dual clutch transmissions (DCTs), and conventional ATs.

Like a CVT system, Skyactiv®-Drive can fluidly change gear ratios, allowing the vehicle to accelerate faster and smoother than a conventional AT.

This is made possible by the torque converter, which directly transfers power from the engine to the transmission.

And due to the torque converter’s wider lockup range — or ability to lock the internal clutch in place, Skyactiv®-Drive prevents the vehicle from slipping or failing to transfer power to the engine.

Consumers who choose a Mazda vehicle with Skyactiv®-Drive can also enjoy a sensory driving experience as the AT system possesses the responsiveness of a DCT.

Additionally, Skyactiv®-Drive can start the vehicle with ease, even on inclines — similar to regular ATs. When drivers are ready to go, the Skyactiv®-Drive kicks into gear within seconds.

For those who prefer a manual transmission (MT) system, the Skyactiv®-MT delivers all that and more due to the lighter weight design and precision compared to conventional MTs.

Able to transfer power to the engine and wheels with greater ease because of the compact size, the Skyactiv®-MT is for drivers who prefer a light, crisp, shifter.

With a bevy of options available, there is no right or wrong decision for consumers.

Skyactiv® Body: Safe, Strong & Lightweight

Mazda engineers sought to improve the aerodynamics and durability of the brand’s vehicles — ideas that were realized with the development of the Skyactiv®-Body.

A Skyactiv®-Body is 8% lighter than that of an average vehicle, reducing the amount of drag or resistance the vehicle experiences against wind or air.

The Skyactiv®-Body is also designed to withstand collisions better than the competition as it’s 30% more rigid than the body of a standard car.

This is because the Skyactiv®-Body is made up of 60% high-tensile steel — which despite being thinner and lighter than other alloys, is significantly stronger.

Paired with the ultra shock-absorbent configuration of a Skyactiv®-Body, consumers can be rest assured that the vehicles designed by Mazda are created with the safety of the driver and passengers in mind.

Skyactiv® Chassis: Improved Driving Performance

To make the driving experience more comfortable for consumers, the engineers at Mazda reformed the chassis — or framework, of the brand’s vehicles, which resulted in the Skyactiv® Chassis.

This revised chassis eliminates the discomfort caused by driving over bumpy roads and uneven terrain with a superior suspension system that can absorb most of the effects.

The structure of the suspension system is also incredibly stabilizing, ensuring the vehicle moves nimbly at all speeds.

So, in the areas of agility and security, a Mazda vehicle that has been designed with a Skyactiv® Chassis is not easily rivaled. This design is quite exciting for consumers who desire an SUV that handles like a sports car.

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